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Advanced Reads | Posted by Christien Shangraw on Oct 21, 5:23pm

"I want a house that makes an impression from the street," Eileen tells her realtor. "A house that almost pulls you up into it.

Featured Customer | Posted by Christien Shangraw on Oct 17, 5:51pm
What a coincidence. On the very day we decide to kick off our new BookCourt Blog...
Podcast | Posted by Andrew Unger on Oct 16, 5:40pm
Just days after his arrest in Ferguson, MO, Dr. Cornel West delivered a stirring talk at the store on his new book Black Prophetic Fire.
Podcast | Posted by Andrew Unger on Jun 3, 3:53pm
Garrison Keillor is a Minnesota native living in St. Paul and New York City. He is the founder and host of A Prairie Home Companion, celebrating its fortieth anniversary in 2014. He is the author of nineteen books of fiction and humor, the editor of the Good Poems collections, and a member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters.
Podcast | Posted by Andrew Unger on May 26, 11:15am
Fiona Maazel and Leslie Jamison discuss Graywolf Press and their recent work.
Podcast | Posted by Andrew Unger on Apr 17, 1:06pm
Phil Klay is a Dartmouth grad and a veteran of the US Marine Corps. He served in Iraq during the Surge and subsequently received an MFA from Hunter College, where he studied with Colum McCann and Peter Carey, and worked as Richard Ford’s research assistant. His writing has also appeared in the New York Times, the New York Daily News, Tin House, and in The Best American Nonrequired Reading 2012.
Podcast | Posted by Andrew Unger on Apr 3, 7:03pm
Robert Coover has published fourteen novels, three short story collections, and a collection of plays since The Origin of the Brunists received the The William Faulkner Foundation First Novel Award in 1966. Coover has also received awards from the Lannan Foundation, American Academy of Arts and Letters, National Endowment of the Arts, and the Rea Lifetime Short Story Award.
Podcast | Posted by Andrew Unger on Feb 28, 2:34pm
Sharon Salzberg cofounded the Insight Meditation Society with Jack Kornfield and Joseph Goldstein. In addition to Real Happiness, she is the author of eight other books, including the bestsellers Lovingkindness and Faith.
Podcast | Posted by Andrew Unger on Feb 20, 7:14pm
In his heartbreaking yet hopeful fourth novel, award-winning author Willy Vlautin demonstrates his extraordinary talent for illuminating the disquiet of modern American life, captured in the experiences of three memorable characters looking for meaning in distressing times.
Podcast | Posted by Andrew Unger on Dec 13, 1:15pm
Alice Waters, the iconic food luminary, presents 200 new recipes that share her passion for the many delicious varieties of vegetables, fruits, and herbs that you can cultivate in your own kitchen garden or find at your local farmers’ market.
Podcast | Posted by Andrew Unger on Nov 22, 12:47pm
2013 National Book Award Winner for Fiction! Combining selected readings with music inspired by and in some cases even sung by the abolitionist John Brown, a key figure in this “wildly entertaining” (People) novel, the band will have you on your feet with their mix of exuberant spirituals and jazz renditions of classic gospel music. With Keith Robinson on guitar, Trevor Extor on bass, Show Tyme Brooks on drums, Adam Faulk on piano, James McBride on saxophone and the whole band on vocals.
Podcast | Posted by Andrew Unger on Nov 17, 11:42am
The breakout book from a prizewinning young writer: a breathtaking, suspenseful story of one man’s obsessive search to find the truth of another man’s downfall. Nelson’s life is not turning out the way he hoped. His girlfriend is sleeping with another man, his brother has left their South American country, leaving Nelson to care for their widowed mother, and his acting career can’t seem to get off the ground.
Podcast | Posted by Andrew Unger on Nov 16, 12:20pm
Together with the inspired texts, Solnit and Snedeker show New Orleans as both an imperiled city—by erosion, crime, corruption, and sea level rise—and an ageless city that lives in music as a form of cultural resistance. Compact, lively, and completely original, Unfathomable City takes readers on a tour that will forever change the way they think about place.
Podcast | Posted by Andrew Unger on Nov 8, 12:52pm
With humor and breathtaking compassion, Wally Lamb brilliantly captures the essence of human experience in vivid and unforgettable characters struggling to find hope and redemption in the aftermath of trauma and loss. We Are Water is vintage Wally Lamb—a compulsively readable, generous, and uplifting masterpiece that digs deep into the complexities of the human heart to explore the ways in which we search for love and meaning in our lives.
Podcast | Posted by Andrew Unger on Nov 5, 11:13am
How safe are we? What do we sacrifice to feel safe? And who pays the ultimate price? Two Pulitzer Prize–winning journalists examine one of the most sensitive post–9/11 national security investigations—a breathtaking race to prevent an al-Qaeda bomber from launching Osama bin Laden’s final attack on American soil. They reveal what works, what doesn’t, and what Americans have unknowingly given up.
Podcast | Posted by Andrew Unger on Nov 5, 11:00am
Here are Nigerian women at home and transplanted to the United States, building lives out of longing and hope, faith and doubt, the struggle to stay and the mandate to leave, the burden and strength of love. Here are characters faced with dangerous decisions, children slick with oil from the river, a woman in love with another despite the penalties. Here is a world marked by electricity outages, lush landscapes, folktales, buses that break down and never start up again.
Podcast | Posted by Andrew Unger on Nov 4, 10:57am
Every man has his dark side... Spero Lucas confronts his own in the most explosive thriller yet from one of America's best-loved crime writers. The job seems simple enough: retrieve the valuable painting—"The Double"—Grace Kinkaid's ex-boyfriend stole from her. It's the sort of thing Spero Lucas specializes in: finding what's missing, and doing it quietly. But Grace wants more...
Podcast | Posted by Andrew Unger on Oct 22, 12:41pm
Riveting and rich with lyricism, Burial Rites evokes a dramatic existence in a distant time and place, and asks the question, how can one woman hope to endure when her life depends upon the stories told by others? A brilliant literary debut, inspired by a true story: the final days of a young woman accused of murder in Iceland in 1829.
Podcast | Posted by Andrew Unger on Oct 21, 12:42pm
A riveting examination of a nation in crisis, from one of the finest political journalists of our generation. The Unwinding portrays a superpower in danger of coming apart at the seams, its elites no longer elite, its institutions no longer working, its ordinary people left to improvise their own schemes for success and salvation. Packer’s novelistic and kaleidoscopic history of the new America is his most ambitious work to date.
Podcast | Posted by Andrew Unger on Oct 21, 12:11pm
Jay Rubin, author and esteemed translator of Haruki Murakami, author Roland Kelts, and editor Motoyuki Shibata of Monkey Business discuss Haruki Murakami and Japanese literature.