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The Buddha Walks into the Office The Buddha Walks into the Office

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$14.95 $10.47

Lodro Rinzler Lodro has a gift for presenting the Buddhist teachings in a way that's practical, funny, and entertaining, but the book is ultimately quite serious: it's about using your livelihood to wake up. "This is a magnificent book that just happens to be truly fun to read. Accessible, urgent and life-changing." —Seth Godin, author of Linchpin


White Girls

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$16.00 $11.20

Hilton Als In pieces that hairpin between critique and meditation, fiction and nonfiction, high culture and low, the theoretical and the deeply personal, Als presents a stunning portrait of a writer by way of his subjects, and an invaluable guide to the culture of our time. "White Girls is a book, a dream, an enemy, a friend, and, yes, the read of the year..." -Junot Díaz


What We See When We Read What We See When We Read

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$16.95 $10.50

Peter Mendelsund A gorgeously unique, fully illustrated exploration into the phenomenology of reading—how we visualize images from reading works of literature, from one of our very best book jacket designers, himself a passionate reader. "Amazing. . . . Sparkling with verbal as well as visual wit and the personable exhilaration of one of the best conversations you've ever had" —Chris Ware


The Examined Life The Examined Life

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$14.95 $10.47

Stephen Grosz

An extraordinary book for anyone eager to understand the hidden motives that shape our lives.

We are all storytellers—we create stories to make sense of our lives. But it is not enough to tell tales. There must be someone to listen.

In his work as a practicing psychoanalyst, Stephen Grosz has spent the last twenty-five years uncovering the hidden feelings behind our most baffling behavior. The Examined Life distils more than 50,000 hours of conversation into pure psychological insight without the jargon.


Women in Clothes Women in Clothes

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$30.00 $21.00

Sheila Heti, Heidi Julavits, Leanne Shapton Women in Clothes is a book unlike any other. It is essentially a conversation among hundreds of women of all nationalities—famous, anonymous, religious, secular, married, single, young, old—on the subject of clothing, and how the garments we put on every day define and shape our lives.