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Art + Design
Sat Nov 1, 7:00PM

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BookCourt Kids
Sun Nov 2, 11:00AM

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BookCourt Kids
Sun Nov 2, 2:00PM

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Reading Series
Sun Nov 2, 7:00PM
There are many storytelling shows out there that offer a slice of life. At the corner of Fringe Festival Street and The Moth Avenue, storyteller and writer Eli Reiter offers us a larger piece of the pie giving each performer 25 minutes to tell their true story. Long Story Long allows you, the audience, to get to know the storyteller a little better. We will have well known writers and raconteurs telling longform stories in a comfortable environment.
Mon Nov 3, 7:00PM
Surreal, shrewd, and surprisingly warm, these stories are as resonant as they are hilarious.
Tue Nov 4, 7:00PM
In this far-reaching quest, told with eloquence and power, Toumani probes universal questions: how to belong to a community without conforming to it, how to acknowledge a tragedy without exploiting it, and most importantly how to remember a genocide without perpetuating the kind of hatred that gave rise to it in the first place.
Wed Nov 5, 7:00PM
Electric City is a vital, pulsing, epic novel of America, of its great scientific ingenuity and its emotional ambition; one that frames the birth and evolution of its towns against the struggles of its indigenous tribes, the immigrant experience, a country divided, and the technological advancements that ushered in the modern world.
Thu Nov 6, 7:00PM

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Fri Nov 7, 7:00PM

About Joan of Arc:

Sat Nov 8, 4:00PM
A collection of vivid images and fascinating characters, Trans Europe Express is a smart, exciting new chapter in the literary tradition of Americans searching Europe not only for experience but, ultimately, for identity.
Sat Nov 8, 7:00PM
In this charmingly written, beautifully photographed and illustrated cookbook, the chef of Alice Waters's Chez Panisse offers basic techniques and essential recipes that will transform anyone into a confident home cook
Sun Nov 9, 7:00PM
New Directions presents a night in celebration of Dylan Thomas.