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Events: Fiction and Nonfiction

Reading Series
Thu Oct 2, 7:00PM
The Sackett Street Writers’ Workshop was founded in 2002 by writer Julia Fierro, and what began as eight writers meeting in the kitchen of a Brooklyn brownstone has developed into a creative home for over 2000 writers.
Thu Oct 2, 7:00PM
The exhilarating debut novel by iconic filmmaker David Cronenberg: the story of two journalists whose entanglement in a French philosopher’s death becomes a surreal journey into global conspiracy.
Fri Oct 3, 7:00PM
New York Times columnist Charles M. Blow mines the compelling poetry of the out-of-time African-American Louisiana town where he grew up—a place where slavery's legacy felt astonishingly close, reverberating in the elders' stories and in the near-constant wash of violence.
BookCourt Kids
Sat Oct 4, 11:00AM

About Little Lola:

Sat Oct 4, 7:00PM
Caspar Henderson and Lee Billings discuss the variety life and its possibilities on earth and beyond, and the truths embedded in our myths, stories and dreams for this planet and beyond
BookCourt Kids
Sun Oct 5, 4:00PM
Ten-year-old Celie has quite a few things on her mind—fights with her sister Jo, secrets at school, an increasingly forgetful grandmother, and worst of all, a best friend who won’t speak to her.
Sun Oct 5, 7:00PM

About Rooms:

Mon Oct 6, 7:00PM
In Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy, bestselling author Karen Abbott tells the spellbinding true story of four women who risked everything—their homes, their families, and their very lives—during the Civil War.
Tue Oct 7, 7:00PM
In Little Failure, Shteyngart shares his American immigrant experience, moving back and forth through time and memory with self-deprecating humor, moving insights, and literary bravado. The result is a resonant story of family and belonging that feels epic and intimate and distinctly his own.
Teen & YA
Wed Oct 8, 4:00PM
Darcy Patel has put college on hold to publish her teen novel, Afterworlds. With a contract in hand, she arrives in New York City with no apartment, no friends, and all the wrong clothes.
Wed Oct 8, 7:00PM
Deftly spanning decades and continents and peopled with a wide range of characters—assassins, journalists, drug dealers, and even ghosts—A Brief History of Seven Killings is the fictional exploration of that dangerous and unstable time and its bloody aftermath, from the streets and slums of Kingston in the ‘70s, to the crack wars in ‘80s New York, to a radically altered Jamaica in the ‘90s.
Thu Oct 9, 7:00PM
Martin Scorsese is one of the most respected names in cinema, with a track record that puts him firmly among the all-time greats of filmmaking.