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About the Event:

Please join Paper Monument to celebrate the recent release of issue 4!

Sara Demeuse will read from Dear Yoko Dear Sierra—"I decided to address my feelings in a personal letter to you because I need not only to get rid of my sense of guilt but also to tease out some of the issues raised by this type of exchange. (If you want, you can share this letter with Rivane.) Though I usually prefer email, I feel a letter is closer to the spirit and original context of your tree."

Cameron Martin will read from Painting Has Issues—"The heterogeneity of current painting production can leave us feeling deep in the potpourri, unable to separate the orange peel from the rose hips."

Martha Schwendender will read from Resistant—"Why would anyone who opposes torture interrogate painting?"

Julian Kreimer will read from Painting Under Obama—"Months later, as I wandered around the Bushwick open studios, it became clear to me that metallic colors had become (along with neon hues) major signifiers of the “Shwicky” look: the blend of irony and earnestness that denotes, somehow, that the artist is aware of her impossible position in the world, simultaneously seeking ideal truths and the mythical rent of $1.00/sq. ft./month."

And Dushko Petrovich and Holly Veselka will read from From The Editors—"Always having an opinion, having to have an opinion, is the plague of the 21st-century thinker, I thought, whose brain is like a boil, lanced every day by the media. A book, an article, a post, a tweet, a thread, a comment, a lecture, a panel, a conversation, a chat. Better to be silent, I thought, a blank doc, an empty text field, a vacant barstool. This was great stuff. I pulled out my phone to dictate a memo."

Author Bio(s): 

Sarah Demeuse reads, translates, writes, and makes exhibitions. She is a Cloud Curator of the 2013 Mercosul Biennial in Porto Alegre and founded Rivet together with Manuela Moscoso.

Cameron Martin is an artist who lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Martha Schwendener is a critic for the New York Times and a Ph.D. candidate in art history at the cuny Graduate Center.

Paper Monument
Mon Dec 9, 7:00PM
Paper Monument
Cameron Martin
Martha Schwendender
Sara Demeuse
Holly Veselka
Dushko Petrovich
Julian Kreimer
Cameron Martin
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