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About To Show and to Tell:

Building off the strong success of his classic The Art of the Personal Essay, Lopate returns with a refreshing new masterclass on the craft of the personal essay. In his flawless, conversational prose style, Lopate brings to the fore the many issues facing writers today, addressing how to turn oneself into a character, treating the "I'm too boring" and "I'm too weird" complexes, and elaborating on the evolving place of creative nonfiction in the literary world. The result is a brilliant magnum opus compiled from over forty years of teaching his craft to thousands of young writers, from elementary students to MFAs. An award-winning essayist and author himself, Lopate brings to vividly into focus the true lifeblood of writing: exploration of one's innermost thoughts, feelings, and perceptions. With his guidance, even the most experienced writer, fiction or nonfiction, poet or essayist, is certain to learn a thing or two about the craft. 

About Portrait Inside My Head:

In this stunning compilation of personal essays, Lopate weaves together the most colorful threads of a life well lived, inviting readers on an invigorating and thoughtful journey through memory, culture, parenthood, the trials of marriage both young and old, and an extraordinary look at New York’s storied past and present.  In his native Brooklyn, Lopate immerses readers in his rough-and-tumble childhood, where he tutored in the employ of a woman his sister dubbed “The Polish Countess,” and became practiced in the art of cowardice after watching his brother in bloody streetfights. From there, Lopate takes us to the ballgame to discuss the trouble with ex-baseball fans; to the theatre to dissect Virginia Woolf’s opinion that film should keep its cotton-pickin’ hands off literature; and to visit his brother, radio personality Leonard Lopate, offering a rare glimpse into the unique sibling rivalry between them. 

Author Bio: 

Phillip Lopate is the author of more than a dozen books, including three personal essay collections, Bachelorhood, Against Joie de Vivre, and Portrait of My Body, and Waterfront. He directs the graduate nonfiction program at Columbia University and lives in Brooklyn with his wife and daughter.

Phillip Lopate
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