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Staff Picks

Death of Ivan Ilyich
STAFF PICK | December

Leo Tolstoy

“"This book always makes me think of Christmas. Is that strange? Maybe it's because Ivan has moemnts of self-reckoning that are similar to what Scrooge experiences in A Christmas Carol. Either way, this is a quiet gem of a book, and it's a perfect fireside reading."”
A Poetry Handbook: A Prose Guide to Understanding and Writing Poetry
STAFF PICK | December

Mary Oliver

“"No one else can explain poetry like Mary Oliver. Carrying a copy of this slim paperback is like holding a master class in your bag, a class you can engage in at your leisure. Whether the intent is to begin writing verse or to understand what is behind a 'good' poem, A Poetry Handbook should be on your shelf."”
The Leopard
STAFF PICK | December

Giuseppe di Lampedusa

“Although it was published in 1958, The Leopard actually belongs in that spectacular constellation of late 19th century masterpieces that includes Anna Karenina and A Sentimental Education. For anyone in need of a literary escape from terrible times. (The 1963 film version by Luchino Visconti is also top-notch.)”
Nine Island
STAFF PICK | December

Jane Allison

“In a glassy tower high above Miami Beach, a woman translates Ovid's tales of metamorphoses and wonders whether to give up on love. Wry and contemplative, Allison's narrator swims in the pool of her mind, raging against men, yet relishing her own desire. The sumptuous descriptions of sea and sky sing along the hilarious depictions of Miami's culture of sexual excess. This book made me think and feel--what more can you want?”
Dorie's Cookies
STAFF PICK | December

Dorie Greenspan

“"It's easy to admire a show-stopping cake, well-executed souffle, or grandma's apple pie. But what humble dessert doubles as a snack, is portable, easy to make, infinitely variable, and beloved by all? Cookies! You (or a deserving gift recipient) will come back to this book over and over again, no matter the season."”
This Land is Your Land
STAFF PICK | December

Woody Guthrie

“The folk-art style of Kathy Jakobsen's illustrations is well suited to this famous folk song. This is a wonderful picture book with a wonderful message, and it's particularly meaningful right now.  ”
STAFF PICK | November

James Crumley

The Dead
STAFF PICK | November

James Joyce

“The closing story of Dubliners (all of which is well worth the time), The Dead also stands on its own, and suits the year's end. The warmth and awkwardness of holiday gatherings, the strange power of music, the shadow of ancestors and the weight of the past on present love: all given naturally and softly in the lyrical language of Joyce, which has no equal.”
Magritte's Apple
STAFF PICK | November

Klaas Verplancke

“The most recent in MoMA's series of books for children, young fans of What Degas Saw and Matisse's Garden will appreciate this new journey into the mind of an artist; this time, a sometimes-silly and Surrealist story of the inspiration for René Magritte's paintings.”
New York Rock
STAFF PICK | November

Steven Blush